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In painting I do not reflect the afore-seen reality, but I draw from it what inspires me and provokes to paint a picture. I transform the reality in my imagination in order to be able to create some atmosphere on canvas, tell a story which would evoke emotions in me and the recipient. I am at all times inspired by something new, therefore I reach out to find different forms of expression Owing to this, my paintings are varied and each viewer may find among them something to relate directly to themselves.

Meanwhile in the studio

I creating new cycle “The Shining”

A private laboratory of matter from which I create my world. Burning sun, dim moons, the clouds frozen on the sky, the waving drowsily surface of water. The night does not want to give way to the morning, the light slowly takes over the sky, steals the whole sky. Painting this series is like balancing on the border of two internal and external worlds in order to finally use one goal – to emerge from the image the sphere of feelings, turn it into an external landscape, cover it with mystery. It is a story about sources, about calmness, about waiting for the inevitable and the unexpected, full of mystery.


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