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In painting I do not reflect the afore-seen reality, but I draw from it what inspires me and provokes to paint a picture. I transform the reality in my imagination in order to be able to create some atmosphere on canvas, tell a story which would evoke emotions in me and the recipient. I am at all times inspired by something new, therefore I reach out to find different forms of expression Owing to this, my paintings are varied and each viewer may find among them something to relate directly to themselves.

Meanwhile in the studio

I creating new cycle “I’m looking for a light that doesn’t exist”

Meanwhile, in the studio, “I am looking for light that does not exist.”
This will be the title of my next exhibition. The title is taken from graffiti on the wall of a tenement house in Krakow’s Kazimierz district.
Every time I pass it, it captures my imagination. Multiple sources of light will emanate from the paintings, sometimes imitating the sun, creating a somewhat cosmic entourage. The paintings will be totems of light, immersed in the shades of nature, full of reflections, flickers, sparkles, flashes and fades. They will be inspired by nature and landscape, which I will metamorphose through form and color to show my state of mind and inner emotions. I will look for synthetic forms and reduce them almost to a sign, fusing water and air in an abstract symbol. And you will be able to see all this in May in the Gallery in the Arboretum in Bolestarszyce


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